Kamoa E3-C Solid Wood Concert Ukulele in Natural Gold w/Gig Bag, Tuner +MORE!
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This great ukulele comes to you as part of an exclusive offer from Butler Music. Not only do you get this great ukulele at the Minimum Advertised Price, but by getting it from Butler Music you also get a FREE Gig Bag, a Profile PT-2900 digital clip on tuner, and a Butler Music polishing cloth . These extra items add $54.00 in value to this package at no extra charge.

The Kamoa E Series all solid wood (E3) is another milestone for affordable high quality ukuleles. Breaking the $200 street price for a lifetime warrantied, serial number and dated quality assured all solid tone wood ukulele. Each E3 is professionally built and final setup to our exacting standards for easy playability and crystal clear string articulation. Crafted with 100% solid woods. Maple (back & sides) & Select Spruce (Sound boards). Available in 3 transparent colors. This listing is for the natural gold color.

Sound for Sound:

Concert: The Concert Kamoa (12 to the body) has more sustain than any of the sopranos yet maintains the iconic ukulele tonality only achievable on a small instrument and string length. The additional size and girth give this instrument a punchy sound that is a real treat to play.

Kamoa ukuleles are being played by Directors of Opera and Philharmonic Orchestras, Concert Violinists, Pianists, Flutists, the Grammy® Recording Academy, Hollywood Filmmakers, Former Heads of State, and many thousands of satisfied musicians from Punk to Polka, Appalachian Bluegrass to Gypsy Jazz. Welcome to our Global Ukulele 'Ohana.

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